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Orchestrated Incident Response: A CIO Essential

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Orchestrated Incident Response: A CIO Essential            

Enterprises today will likely suffer multiple critical events every year. Business continuity and resilience are perennially at the top of the CIO agenda. Due to the increasing resilience on digital strategies to facilitate business imperative, however, operational efficiency is now gaining visibility with CIOs and corporate boards. Cybercrime skyrocketed in early 2020 as businesses were reacting to COVID-19. The pandemic forced enterprises around the world to grant millions of workers remote access to corporate resources, often via untrusted devices. Beyond pandemic-inspired cybercrime, enterprises today are already at daily risk for unplanned disruptions. Some will result directly from infrastructure failures. Other potentially more damaging events like extreme weather, natural disasters, or workplace violence may also impact IT.
CIOs need full visibility and control of the enterprise IT environment to ensure an effective and comprehensive incident response. But when a critical event occurs, CIOs, like all executive leaders, need a broader awareness to understand the potential effects of a critical event on all company assets and personnel. Leaders can’t make the right call on the right remediation steps without a comprehensive understanding of the threats and response options.

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