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Securing Remote Workers: Using SASE to Maintain Visibility and Maximise Efficiency

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Securing Remote Workers: Using SASE to Maintain Visibility and Maximise Efficiency
As remote work continues, organisations in France must ensure that their employees can work remotely easily as well as securely, while sacrificing nothing on the performance or productivity front.
To make that happen, many organisations have increased their adoption of cloud-based applications and services, as well as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and accelerated their digital transformation plans. But at the same time, they face numerous other pressures, including not just regulations, but these constant business imperatives: reduce costs, increase ROI, maximise performance.
How can CISOs and security teams balance these sometimes competing requirements? What are best practices for securing remote and on-premises workers, maintaining visibility, applying consistent information security enforcement, and maximising business resiliency? And what is the best way to ensure an organisation's board of directors understands the full picture?
Please join Cisco’s Cybersecurity experts Jean Sebastien and Regis Phalivanh for an exclusive Virtual Roundtable, offering thoughts on navigating top security challenges, including safeguarding remote workers and maximising business resiliency, as well as how to measure your own organisations’ progress.

Discussion topics will include:
· How are organisations in France maintaining security and visibility as employees and customers work from home and managing the added responsibility this places on the CISO and security team?
· What specific challenges does cloud adoption pose — including at the board level?
· What are the best approaches to ensuring security policies get consistently enforced, and efficiency improvements measured?
· How will the hybrid model work between working from home and in the office and how has the roadmap changed due to the recent global challenges.

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