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Five Unignorable Trends Driving Digital Delivery  

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Five Unignorable Trends Driving Digital Delivery  

We see smart enterprises adopting new approaches and technologies to disrupt digital delivery and create more flexible and productive digital teams.  Our talk is informed by what we see happening in live projects around the world as well as our day-to-day interactions with the developer and architect community. In particular, we look at the impact of using:

  • Design-led Discovery for product creation

  • Front-end Engineering with React Native

  • GraphQL for flexible API building

  • More actionable data with Data Mesh

  • Cloud Native done right 

How do these approaches work and how do they work together to form a disruptive digital platform for enterprise?
We look at some real life examples of how CIOs are taking this approach to fix problems with siloed teams, sprawling tech stacks and constant change.  We invite debate around the best options to take for your organisation and what are the opportunities and risks in moving to a more modern architecture.

Ger O’Shaughnessy:

Ger is an experienced business leader with over 30 years success working with market leaders across all sectors to transform business solutions, services and products. He has held senior positions in Logica, Each&Other and Bank of Ireland before joining NearForm as Head of Propositions.
Ger works with CIOs, CTOs and other technology leaders to validate NearForms propositions in the market and ensure that NearForm is solving the problems that matter most to our clients.  

Damian Beresford:

With more than 25 years’ experience in the software industry, Damian combines deep technical skill and expertise in software architecture and development with a broad understanding of software as a creative process. An active learner and effective leader, Damian excels in identifying the right tools, processes and people to help global companies unlock their digital potential. 
Damian works with our clients on a daily basis as a trusted technical advisor and a project sponsor at the executive level. He ensures we are delivering solutions that match the long term strategy of each business.  

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