Build38 offers the highest level of security for mobile applications

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Build38 headquartered in Germany is a leading vendor for Smartphone APP Hardening - and Threat Protection Solutions. The software company offers an SDK, which enables all App developers to include the Build38 security features into his source code with minimal effort. 

The goal of the solution is to make it almost impossible for hackers and other black hats to get access to In Application data of any kind so that the effort expended is far too high and therefore not economically feasible. Build38 is very successful at making sure potential cyber criminals give up! Apps that have these technologies included might also be referred to as “Self-Defending Apps.”

Gartner amongst other analysts call this technology “In-App Protection.” The advantage of this technology is that the mechanisms enabling protection are embedded within the APP itself. This means for example the mobile OS itself does not need to be changed, or another solution be installed on the device. For the user it is transparent : the user of the APP does not realize and feel that these security features are currently protecting his device and the crucial data footprint on it.

Uniquely , Build38 protects the app even on untrusted devices including older technology mobile versions and operating systems..of which there are many in current use. 

Our self- developed and secure multi -tested Trusted Application Kit (TAK) represents a new generation of APP-hardening technologies which proactively protect APPs from known and unknown attacks. So far more than 10 million APP instances are protected by Build38 across various industries where security concerns and mandatory requirements are most important including automotive, financial services, public transport, banking and health care worldwide.




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