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Alexis Moinon 5 months ago

Hi there. Very Interesting Session! Sorry for not interacting much during the session. I had to deal with a side call and an important email more or less at the same time, but I think I still managed to catch most of it.

Now, directly linked to Mariana's last point which was based on the fears you guys have regarding Security, & Data Privacy. It seems that a common worry is around the external devices that has not be connected to the corporate network since the Covid arrival and during the remote work measures that have been in place for many of us. two of you have mentioned that you feel like you are ''loosing control'' on the security level & upgrade that should be applied to these machines, as it can't be done remotely.
Anyone else connected here who have the same kind of concerns?

I am curious then to know ''if & how'' you are using Data Analytics to track those devices ''&/or'' what would need to be done for your organisation to be able to analyse your devices portfolio, their statement and further needed actions by anticipating these tasks and be ahead the next steps to make sure you can maintain your corporate security standards in the future?