United Kingdom - 4th March 2021

CIO Institute: United Kingdom

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Thursday 4th March 2021

09:00 - 17:00 GMT

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The CIO Institute is a platform bringing together leading CIO’s over the space of a day, giving the opportunity to be part of the discussions that are shaping the future. Driven by our senior level Advisory Board including representatives from IAG, Henley Business School, FedEx and HSBC, The CIO Institute gives insights to develop and execute winning strategies. Benefit from inspirational talks by leading and visionary speakers, interactive boardroom discussions and lively panel debates. With best in class solutions to help meet top priorities and peer to peer networking to explore common challenges and projects, the CIO Institute - United Kingdom  is one that shouldn’t be missed.

0830 - 0910

Opening Keynote: How Crisis is the Adrenaline for Innovation       

Sarah Wilkinson
NHS Digital

0920 - 1020

Opening Panel: The CIO of the Future: Innovating with a Digital Workforce

Shivani Saini

Global VP Technology GSK
David Newey
Deputy CIO Marsden NHS Trust
1030 - 1130

Sponsor Keynote: IBM

1030 - 1130 RingCentral Boardroom: What's the right long-term technology choice?

Lockdown took many businesses by surprise. Larger companies were typically slower to respond, and some had problems adjusting to the new conditions.

The time for quick fix solutions is far behind us. Does that mean all organisations are prepared for the era of long-term remote collaboration? No. Preparedness looks different for each organisation. The adoption of technology must be a means to an end – margin, security, employer value proposition – rather than an end in itself. Join RingCentral for a virtual discussion on how businesses can best prepare their organisations for success in the years to come.
Louise Newbury Smith
UK Enterprise Regional Vice President
1030 - 1130

Boardroom: Testing Leadership – short-and long-term actions for organisations

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has altered nearly every aspect of business operations. Organisations must develop strategies to ensure continuity of operations, improve efficiency, and adapt products to changing customer demand. Join us as we’ll offer customer insights, including GSK, into the strategic shifts you can make to improve operational efficiency, adapt existing products to changing market needs, and sustain your business in the long term.

Chris Trueman
SVP LiveCompare

1145 - 1230


       Marc van der Heijden
            M. H. Alshaya
1145 - 1230

How will the CIO continue to be a foundational role for success of any organisation

The CIO relationship with the Executive continues to evolve. CIO as best friend of, the CEO, the CMO, the transformation director and in fact all of the exec team to allow the business to progress and build for the future.

Rich Corbridge
Boots UK
1245 - 1345

Keynote: Building the Next-Generation Enterprise

In 2011, Marc Andreessen famously wrote a piece for the WSJ entitled “Why Software Is Eating The World” to mark the emergence of the cloud. In 2021, we're all reeling from the impact of COVID-19 and looking to the cloud to keep us safe. Today we find ourselves living in an age when, instead of software eating the world, safety is eating the world.

The digital transformation of the safety tech stack is underway due to the pandemic's prolonged impact. Whether it's shifting to "work-from-home" or facilitating "return-to-work" or achieving "buy-online-pick-up-in-store," the necessity to keep people safe in all modes of their lives has become a core technology challenge. Understanding the three key pieces of the safety stack and where it's headed next will be the topic I can cover during a panel or talk.

John Maeda
SVP / Chief Experience Officer

1245 - 1345 Sponsor Keynote: Vertex
1245 - 1345

Sponsor Boardroom: Pyramid Analytics

1400 - 1500

Keynote: Communicating Risk: The CIO’s Guide to Innovation

In today’s enterprise landscape, the software that IT teams regularly deliver throughout an organization is the backbone for innovation. But, all too often, many CIO’s are under pressure to automate more and spend less, most working with highly complex integrations and ecosystems. How do you begin to push through the noise and concentrate on what really matters when innovating? Join us as we’ll share how having a common language and a risk-based, AI-powered approach to testing can help you focus resources, innovate faster and do it dependably.

Chris Trueman
SVP LiveCompare
1400 - 1500

Sponsor Boardroom: IBM

1400 - 1500

Keynote: Why cloud and Internet will play an increasing role in Enterprise Networking

Along with every Enterprise company’s ambition to drive towards a network with much more automation and flexibility there is a need to really challenge the way networks have historically been built. With the move towards the cloud and the increasing use of public Internet rather than static MPLS solutions to access applications, a new breed of Service Providers has appeared on the market. This session will explain what is new and how to take advantage of new opportunities.

Mattias Fridström
Vice President & Chief Evangelist
Telia Carrier

1510 - 1610

Leveraging Low Code/No Code Platforms for Building Business Value

Ravindra Rao
CIO Northern Europe
Mondelēz International

1510 - 1610

Is an entrepreneurial spirit essential for a CIO?

CIOs who most successfully traversed the transformation required over the past 18 months are entrepreneurial in their approach and business focused in their delivery. Does this mean the role of the CIO is evolving or has the pandemic merely highlighted the vital attributes required for the modern day CIO?

Kash Ghedia
Welcome Break
1510 - 1610

How do you make Innovation Relevant - Driving Business Forward        

John Gibbs
Group CIO
1610 - 1700

Closing Keynote - A good time to be a CIO?

Raymond Mulligan
MD, CIO Wealth and
Private Banking


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